Value added clean label ingredients and solutions for traditional bakery products


Poly-functional combination of natural physically-treated functional vegetable fibres. This fibre shows outstading water binding properties and texture improvement useful in a wide range of applications from gluten-free bakery to industrial gastronomy.
Multi-functional versatility: Hi-Fibre 115 can act as fat mimic but can also bind water molecules allowing best freeze-thaw performance and adds more plasticity to gluten structures. It is often used as building block in egg-reduction recipes.


Innovative shelf-life improver in powder for bakery and pastry applications. This organic antimold product is based on the fermentation of bacteria on a wheat substrate (organic fermented wheat flour). This organic antibacterial ingredient is primarily designed for organic bakery applications but also for a wide range of organic food products. Also, it can improve the taste profile of many products as natural flavour enhancer for all types of bakery products because of its mild taste and a weak acid notes.


Innovative shelf-life extender and natural flavour, co-processing of fermented ingredients and vegetable extracts. Alternative to antimold products based on fermentation, this innovative shelf-life extender and natural flavour comes from the co-processing of fermented ingredients and vegetable extracts. This allows the complete absence of propionic acid, making Hi-Shield Complex FE more indicated for bakery and other products with mild or delicate taste. Good savoury taste, highly concentrated allows also replacement of chemical preservatives.


Natural antibacterial ingredient based on fermented wheat with mild taste and natural flavour enhancer designed for a wide range of conventional bakery products. Based on the fermentation of bacteria on a wheat substrate, Hi-Shield WII is a natural antibacterial ingredient primarily designed for bread applications but also for a wide range of bakery products. Several tests against typical molds as well as years of application in the market show its properties as broad-spectrum shelf-life extender. Also, Hi-Shield WII can improve the taste profile of many bakery products.


Tailor-made enzymatic preparation to get specific desired functionality to improve characteristics of bread and bakery products. Specifically designed to reduce crumbling of soft breads at the end of their shelf-life can also repair damaged flours. Hi-Net transglutaminase (EU-approved) has been specifically designed by Hi-Food to offer specific functionalities to bread and bakery products, including gluten-free. Hi-Net acts on the gluten network, making it denser and stronger. Specifically designed to improve texture and reduce crumbling of soft breads at the end of their shelf-life, it can also repair damaged flours.


Unique natural fibre creating stable oil-in-water emulsified systems, stable to heat treatments and to freezing/thawing phase, no pH sensitive. Stabilizer for oil and fats, for the replacement of conventional emulsifiers and to create fat-blocks for the replacement of saturated fats. Its natural field of applications is dry bakery (crackers, biscuits, rusks), fillings and industrial gastronomy.


Psyllium Husk is widely used in bakery and gluten-free bakery. Hi-Food has developed a valued added ingredient compound made in Italy and allergen free able to replace 50% of Psyllium of the highest quality (99% purity) based on our innovative soluble flaxseed fiber. Avoid common Psyllium issues such as price, availability, allergens, color-change during cooking with HI-50 TECH solution: no reformulation needed – just simple replacement!


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