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This Nucleus can be used to replace Gluten and therefore to produce Gluten-Free pizza and other bakery products with unique quality, using starches of different nature as base raw materials.
System acting like Gluten in the processing of the dough, allowing the production of Gluten-Free products comparable to the traditional ones. Hi-Nucleus is a concentrated network mimicking the functionality of gluten and capable of hosting a variety of flours and starches to better respond to the tastes of consumers. There are different types of Hi-Nucleus in the range: for bread, pizza, laminated dough and pasta – just like when using different types of flour in conventional bakery.


Gluten-Free natural antibacterial ingredient based on corn derivates (fermented corn) designed for a wide range of food industry products. Shelf-life extender, Hi-Shield P (TH) is a Gluten-Free natural antibacterial ingredient primarily designed for bakery applications, but also for a wide range of food industry products. Several tests against typical molds as well as years of application in the market show its properties as broad-spectrum shelf-life extender and taste profile improver of many bakery products.


Rice Protein with good technological properties and nutritional values, for gluten-free and other food applications. Hi-Protein Rice 75+ acts as texturizing agent, with gelling capacity and no side effects in the flavor profile of the finished product.


Unique fibre made from ingredients of natural origin creating stable oil-in-water emulsified systems. Stabilizer for oils and fats, for the replacement of conventional emulsifiers and creation of fat-blocks for the replacement of saturated fats. Its natural field of application is dry bakery, reducing cracks and improving the structure of crackers and cookies.


Poly-functional combination of natural physically-treated functional vegetable fibres. This fibre shows outstading water binding properties, useful in a wide range of applications from gluten free bakery to industrial gastronomy. Multi-functional versatility: Hi-Fibre 115 can act as fat mimic but can also bind water molecules allowing best freeze-thaw performance and adding plasticity to the product structure.


Enzymatic preparation (EU-approved) specifically designed for Gluten-Free bakery products, increasing softness, shelf-life and improving the elasticity of the dough helping the volume increase. Acting on specific parts of the starch is key for gluten-free: this reduces the “sandiness” effect and provides better softness.


Tailor-made enzymatic preparation to get specific desired functionality to improve characteristics of bread and bakery products.
Hi-Net transglutaminase (EU-approved) has been specifically designed by Hi-Food to offer specific functionalities to bread and bakery products, including gluten-free. Hi-Net acts on the protein network of the gluten-free product, making it denser and stronger, reducing crumbling of soft breads and repairing damaged flours.


Psyllium Husk is widely used in bakery and gluten-free bakery. Hi-Food has developed a value added ingredient compound made in Italy and allergen free able to replace 50% of Psyllium of the highest quality (99% purity) based on our innovative soluble flaxseed fiber. Avoid common Psyllium issues such as price, availability, allergens, color-change during cooking with HI-50 TECH solution: no reformulation needed – just simple replacement!


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